Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing has become immensely popular and important. With media gurus and analysts reporting and reflecting the importance of Social Media optimization and Marketing. Using different platforms like Facebook, Google+ Twitter, Instagram. LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest to connect and communicate with customers and to create a brand awareness. This is also complimented with a newsletter, company promotions, events and new product launches through these media’s as well.

Social Media marketingWe at Planet India, do realize the importance of this medium of marketing also because of Google’s recent hummingbird update.

How would the Hummingbird update change the way people look at Social Media Marketing ?

From time to time Google has unveiled significant updates to its searching algorithm and mechanics. In June 2012 the `Caffeine update’  was a booster for speed and accuracy. In 2011, the `Panda update’ saw websites with limited content and quality being axed. This affected about 12% of the websites that previously enjoyed top listing. In April 2012, with the `Penguin update’ Google took steps to penalize websites guilty of `keyword stuffing’ and spam linking. Each time this happened, several thousands of websites were thrown off the first few pages. So now what would the `Hummingbird update’ mean ?

Websites will have to offer information of value, useful content and utilize Social Media Marketing platforms to compliment their content.

Planet India has a dedicated team of Social Media Analysts and strategists who understand firstly the Company’s requirement, their products or services and then their requirement to be linked to Social Media Networks.

Social Media marketing Ways that we can help


  • Optimization of the Profile page
  • Gathering and linking clients and others to the Company’s Facebook page.
  • Well strategized landing page
  • Posting key information on the wall of followers/clients
  • Utilizing `Paid’ campaigns
  • Working towards enhancing creditability with  followers by updating them with the latest news/offers.
  • Contests/ Sweepstakes and mini polls



  • `Tweeting’ to establish a presence.
  • Creating a strong `following’
  • Managing followers
  • Posting important and useful articles related to your business/services



  • Establishing the Linkedin account
  • Placing the resume/ profile of the individual, organization
  • Networking with other professionals and people/related to your trade or prospective cleints
  • Working towards having people endorse you for a particular job.
  • Building personal brands and relationships


Google +

  • Setting up a Google + account for business
  • Coding the web page with the +1 button
  • Working towards generating followers and linking associates and groups
  • Deeloping a marketing strategy vis-a-vis Google+
  • Analytic analysis



  • Creating a YouTube channel and profile
  • Uploading your videos
  • Linking the videos to the relevant sections of the website and other social media
  • Introducing new presentations/ videos on products/ events/ launches etc.


Pinterest  & Instagram

  • Creating an account and profiling the same.
  • Organization of pins
  • Coordinating strategies that go well with other social platforms
  • Increasing your database of followers
  • Optimizing posts for search engines

Our Social Media Marketing team GUARANTEES a profitable boost to your business

Plus we will be happy to show you how our Social Media Marketing team has successfully implemented strategies to give a business boost to customers!

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